CAH Game Night Mondays

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Depraved. Despicable. Delicious.
It’s CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY like you’ve never experienced!
hosted by Monét X Change at gay bar Pieces at 8 Christopher St in Manhattan (New York, NY).
The game is simple: each round Monet will pull out a Black Card — you answer with your funniest White Card.
(It’s not racist, don’t worry!)
Win prizes! Earn the adoration (or embarrassment) of your friends! Get wasted for FREE!
You’ve never played before? So what! It’s super easy, really fun to play and better than a Grindr hookup on a Monday night.
It’s FREE to play so bring your friends and your twisted sense of humor.
(Please check your morality and decency at the door.)
Oh yeah, and Bootsie Lefaris is behind the bar. Seriously! (That’s worth a laugh in and of itself.)
One to six players per team.
Five white cards per team plus two additional cards for each player.
Three rounds of five turns each.
Teams submit their top card.
Monet picks her favorite three cards each turn. Earn extra points for creative team names.
For each turn: 1st place – 3 points; 2nd place – 2 points; 3rd place – 1 point.
At the end of each round, the winning team gets a prize.
At the end of the game, the team with the most points overall gets a prize.