Gay Underwear Party, Free, $2 Drinks!?

Free Gay Party Underwear Only
Famous NYC Gay Underwear Party at Pieces

Go ahead and let it all hang out the second Friday of every month when we host New York City’s most hardcore Underwear Party. With cocktails almost $2 plus tip for those who get almost totally naked, this crazy kiki is always packed, and frequently out of control. To increase capacity, we open up the back room for this event, but please allow us to remind you that public sexual activity is illegal. Starts at midnight. No cover. Free clothing check. $2 cocktails for the “partici-pantsless!”
– For the cheapest drinks, take off everything but your socks, sneakers and undies and check it all.
– Keep your phone and money with you.
– We’ll keep your clothes safe while you work that hot bod.

Pieces is Home to New York City’s Biggest Gay Underwear Party
Ah, the Undie Party. A little bit, we decided to do an FAQ type blog post on our infamous clothing-optional night (second Friday every month, 11:55 PM, go ahead and invite anyone you want to see in his underwear!), because the logistics are slightly more tricky, than a regular Friday… And okay but really, it was because we’re a little bit obsessed with The Underwear Party. It’s dirty, and a little dangerous, and it only happens once a month!

What’s an Underwear Party? How does it work? Is it really free?

– If you choose to participate (and you don’t have to, it’s also a real good night to “just watch”) then simply visit the clothes check station. Our special Undie Party host is cute and sweet and is going to take good care of you.
– If you strip, you’ll be able to drink from midnight to after 3AM for just two dollars a cocktail! As if running around almost naked isn’t its own reward, right?
– Keep only cash, footwear, and whatever is covering your bulge & booty. No pants, shorts, bathing suits, shirts, sarongs, or anything like that. And you have to be totally bare-chested. In other words: skin; we have to see a LOT of skin. Cute Clothes Check Guy’s decisions are final.
– We always remind everyone to budget for tips when you decide how much cash to take with you (in a sock or whatever) for drinks.
– Also, maybe keep some gum, lip balm, etc. (name your poison) with you. For some reason, you all seem to make-out a helluva lot at this party. Hmm…
– We’ll be keeping your stuff safe so you don’t have to worry about it while you party.

Why it’s THE BEST Underwear Party in New York and Probably Even the Whole World

– The people! You know how laid-back, diverse and friendly the Pieces crowd is. It’s important to us that you feel not just comfortable, but SEXY, when you’re here & you’re in your undies. We’re safe and supportive. And we’re serving you cocktails for two dollars.
– Personalized service-with-a-smile from our sweet, warm and friendly host at the the clothing check station.
– Did we mention, if you strip, you get to drink for just $2 a cocktail. On a Friday night, in Manhattan. That’s insane. No one else does that.

Sex, Booze & Dance Pop: Underwear Party Rumors True?

– Yes, it’s true: we do have a back room. Calm yourself, there, slut-butt! Please allow us to remind you that public sexual activities are illegal, and that includes in our back room.
– However, while the divas and ballers and such strut around like fabulous gay peacocks beneath the big disco ball in our main room, the back room provides an out-of-the-spotlight option for our slightly-shy boys who still want to participate.
– Plus, yeah, the undie party got really popular and we needed more space.
– Even if you don’t shed your clothes, remember: it’s a really fun Friday night party in Manhattan–with no cover charge. Boom.
– And, last but definitely not least… can we be blunt? If you want to get laid, this is as close as you’re going to get to a guarantee. Yup, we said it. You bet! We’re proud of it! You spend a few hours with us late tonight, and experience the undie party first hand, and we can pretty much promise you a nut. Yes-sirree. Quite a promise. Quite a party. So COME already!