Parties & Shows

Monet CAH Monday flyer
Gay Karaoke Flyer
Broadway Clip Show Encore
College Night Hard Up Flyer
Frisky Friday Party Flyer
Pieces Underwear Party Second Fridays f
Dusty Ray Had It Happy Hour f
Sinful Saturday Party Flyer
Drag Bingo Cash Sunday Brunch f
Luis Gomez Spunk Pieces f

Monday: Cards Against Humanity gay game night with Monet X Change
Tuesday: Gay Karaoke Party with DJ OhRicky, Kareem McJagger, Marti G Cummings
Wednesday: Broadway Clip Show Encore with Delighted Tobehere
Thursday: Gay College Night Hard Up with Marti G Cummings
Friday: Gay glub party Frisky Fridays with DJ OhRicky, Dusty Ray Bottoms
Friday (second Monthly): Gay Underwear Party with $2 Drinks, Free Clothes Check, Back Room
Saturday Afternoon: Had It gay happy hour with Dusty Ray Bottoms
Saturday: Sinful Saturdays gay club party with Bootsie Lefaris, famous DJs
Sunday Afternoon: Drag Bingo with Delighted Tobehere, prizes
Sunday: Luis Gomez Spunk with Holly Dae, 15 gay exotic dancers